2022 Year In Review

My 2022 Year In Review. Here we go.


  • Participated in ICPC World Finals, could have done better in the contest; nevertheless, the experience was otherworldly.
  • Met lots of CP legends in person in the World Finals including Errichto, PikMike, BledDest, Vovuh, SecondThread, Mongon, Kuroni, and AlphaQ.
  • I guess I solved 700+ problems this year but contest performances were not up to the mark at all.
  • Finally hit the solve count of 5000, that is I have solved 5000+ problems in my whole CP career.
  • My ultimate code library GitHub repo now has 2000+ stars!
  • Was in the Top 100 globally in a Div. 1 round.
  • My shortlisted problem for International Math Olympiad 2021 went public, and they also thanked Bangladesh from the official IMO website for the first time!

2023 Goals:

  • Participate in the next Regional Contest, try to qualify for the next World Finals, and do smth remarkable for the country in the World Finals.
  • Try to be good at Adhoc problems and thus be red on Codeforces.
  • Be champions in some National Contests.
  • Host some Div. 2 rounds on Codeforces (only if I have time).
  • Be in the Top 20 globally in a Div. 1 round.


  • Grabbed a very good job at Affine DeFi. Had a chance to work with tons of brilliant people.
  • Learned and/or worked with Python, Javascript, Typescript, Solidity, React, NextJS, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, Git, Docker, Web3, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Defi, etc.
  • Didn’t work for 2 months during my World Finals prep and this company actually allowed that. Cool. Goals:
  • Start preparing and try to go abroad.

Sharing Knowledge

  • Our academy - YouKn0wWho Academy now has almost 800 members which is crazyyy. At the beginning of this year, we had only around 100 people in the Academy. That means on average 2 people joined the Academy per day! Hopefully, I made the CP Journey easier for the academy members.
  • Bangladesh CP Server - BCS now has 6500+ Competitive Programming enthusiasts (basically all the CPers from BD)! We did lots of things for the CP community this year. I will write up a separate post for this from the server page. Also, Orbitax is now our official sponsor of the server!
  • Replied to everyone who asked for help through Facebook, Codeforces, and Discord. Sorry if I missed your message. You can knock me anytime.


  • Write more blogs on Codeforces.
  • Reply to everyone.
  • Have a new live course maybe.
  • Stay active on Academy and BCS Discord Server.

Mental Peace

  • Had an awesome trip to Thailand.
  • Did Snorkelling.
  • Went for Go Karting.
  • Bought a Cow for Qurbani with my own money.
  • Gifted my family during Eid.
  • Helped with almost all the expenses of my family.
  • Donated Iftar platters to 120 rickshaw pullers and poor people in general during Ramadan.
  • Watched Messi win the World Cup.
  • Got to meet up with lots of CP enthusiasts in some onsite contests. People recognized me, and I had a chat with them, and that’s the part that made my CP career worthwhile tbh.
  • Gave some notable amount of discounts to some people in our Academy because they had financial problems.


  • Visit at least 2 new countries.
  • Make new friends. Hit me up if you want to be a friend of mine.
  • Buy gifts for Maa and my family

Social Media

  • 17000+ connections on Facebook combining my Profile and Page.
  • Got 355 shares on a single FB Post.
  • 12500+ connections on LinkedIn.
  • 1300+ followers on GitHub.
  • 6200+ followers on Codeforces.
  • 150000+ impressions on my Personal Blog Site.


  • Don’t stop the count!


  • Built an almost dream workstation for me.
  • Bought an AC, iPhone 13 Pro, Sony WH 1000XM4, 34” Ultrawide Monitor, Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, and a cow. These are perhaps the most expensive things I bought this year. Oh, also the Thailand trip did cost some money.
  • Spent for me and my family and friends.
  • My this year’s savings is around 63.6324971% which is not that bad. Additionally, the highest monthly savings was 84.19829701% and the lowest monthly savings was 40.93305513%.
  • My highest monthly income was 1.80369 times my lowest monthly income. Having a variable monthly income is what I have always wanted.
  • Interestingly, my highest savings was in the month when I earned the lowest! That means, in that month, I instilled the idea that “I will have less money this month, so spend carefully” and I managed to spend way less! This proves that we can save more if we think before buying anything.
  • Just graduated from the university and had less than 1 lakh taka at the beginning of the year. Now I can easily afford to not work for the next 1 year which is awesome! (unless some disease or unfortunate stuff happens*) Goals:
  • Invest in something but I literally have no clue where to invest in! Just holding most of my money in USD.
  • Save more. Do not spend less, just spend for me and my family as much as we need. Spend on experiences.
  • Create a new stream of passive income.


  • No improvements!


  • Go to the GYM!
  • Run!
  • Sleep Early!


  • Interviewed with Prothom Alo, the largest circulated newspaper in Bangladesh.
  • Featured on Daily Ittefaq, one of the leading newspapers in Bangladesh.
  • Bought a Suit.
  • Haven’t watched that many movies. My best one would be “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. Really liked how unique the movie was.
  • Started to track my Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Life Goals on Notion. It made my life way more efficient. Basically, I compile my weekly goals on Friday night and do weekly evaluations on how I performed that week.
  • Started to track my expenses which helped me to not spend abruptly.


  • Thanks to my father for being the reason for who I am right now.
  • Thanks to my sister, Happy Kamrunnahar, for letting me stay in her house.
  • Thanks to my family and all my friends of course.
  • Thanks to everyone from my Academy. Thanks to Aritra Mazumder and Sachin Deb for helping me with helping the Academy members.
  • Thanks to Tarik Adnan Moon, Adib Hasan, Rahul Saha, Nadimul Abrar, Shajal Ahamed, Prosenjit Chowdhury Auyon, Rafid Sadman Eesha, Fahim Aziz, মোঃ নাজমুল হাসান and Abdullah Al Maruf for being awesome at Affine Defi.
  • Thanks to Aritra Mazumder, Seemanta Bhattacharjee, Sajid Zakaria, Muhiminul Islam Osim, Sachin Deb, and Sadman Sami for helping in the Bangladesh CP Discord Server.
  • Thanks to everyone from all Social Media Platforms for reading my posts, sharing my posts, and liking the posts!
  • Thanks to the people who read my codes on Codeforces! I try to write clean codes.
  • Thanks to the people who had a chat with me in onsite contests.
  • Thanks to SH Rony and Fahim Steinum for being awesome team members. Hope to achieve lots of things together in 2023.
  • Thanks to everyone from SUST ACM Lab.
  • Thanks to everyone from the “Multiverse of Madness” and “Movie, Tour & Chill” groups.
  • Thanks to Farhad Jaman and Ananna Dristy for helping me with some graphic design stuff.
  • Thanks to Toushiful Ferdous Badhan and Rakib Hasan for helping me out with some donation stuff.
  • Thanks to Towhid Ahmed Foysal, Hasan Shahriar Masud, and Orbitax for sponsoring BCS and thus helping the CP Community.
  • Thanks to you for reading this post.
  • Thanks to me for living my life!

Some things went well. Some things didn’t go well. Could have done better. Or maybe that’s how life is? Right?

Well, now I have made peace with my past. I am content with my present. And I am excited about my future. And that’s what I want from Life.

Have an Awesome New Year everyone!