Happiness: ICPC World Finals 2021

Hold me when I share this, because, guys, I am super excited to share that our team has been selected to participate in ICPC World Finals 2021.

Maaaaaaaaaan, it’s been a while!

It’s been more than 4 years since I embarked on this journey to experience Competitive Programming(CP). It all started from having a soft corner for math and puzzles and it’s still going strong as I still participate in contests even after doing a full-time job because this mf is pretty awesome and I can’t seem to ignore it!

I will focus on one thing for now. And that is also something that I have already mentioned multiple times. That is to focus on the journey.

I have always had this goal to become better at something. And as I’d be devoting a lot of time to it, it’s better to be fun, right? That’s why I chose CP to be my main thing. So I set goals for myself like having fun, doing well in contests, participating in World Finals, becoming a red, and so on. And I was well aware that it would take time. So it’s not ideal to just focus on the objectives while not enjoying the journey(that’s what most of us do). It’s better to enjoy WHILE doing the thing by keeping the goals in mind to push forward. So this way it won’t be a waste even if I don’t fulfill my goals, even if I don’t become a red, even if I don’t make it to the World Finals, because bitch, I already got what I wanted as I have already had enough fun out of CP. If I score some of the goals, then that’s pretty awesome, otherwise, it’s all okay.

So the summary is if you are going on a journey to be good at something, make sure the journey itself is good!

As we are talking about going to the World Finals, thanks to my teammates Fahim Steinum and SH Rony as we, as a team, achieved this milestone. Both of them were pretty awesome. Thanks to my CP god seniors(lots of em), friends, juniors, family and teachers for everything. Thanks to you if you are a contestant because we compete with each other to have fun. Thanks to you as you are still reading this long text.

Congratulation to the two other selected teams from Bangladesh as we all are going to represent our country in the World Finals.

Congratulation to the other teams as well who didn’t qualify because the journey matters the most and we had a chance to experience this outstanding journey of CP.

Also, many of you have already congratulated me here and there and it boggles my mind to even think that you guys spent some of your precious time to care about someone as tiny as me and thank me. Thank you for that. It. Means. A. Lot. You guys make someone as ordinary as me feel extraordinary.

Right at this moment, I am feeling something. It’s so strong that I can’t ignore it! I think it’s spreading all over my body! I consulted a doctor to figure out what that thing is. And he said the thing is called ‘happiness’!