Promo Codes: How to Become a Billionaire!

Academy Website:

There is a great announcement! From now on, you can use promo codes and get a 200 BDT discount (100 BDT for Phase 0), and you can refer others to use your promo code and can get a reward of 200 BDT!

So basically

  • If you took any course, then you will get a promo code. And when someone uses your promo code to enroll in some course, then the guy will get a 200 BDT discount and you will also receive 200 BDT.
  • If you are from Phase X, then you can refer someone to Phase Y iff Y <= X. That is you can refer someone to a phase lower or equal to your current phase! Also, you can’t refer yourself, obviously!
  • If you are someone who is thinking of enrolling in a new course, then you can get a promo code from someone who already took a course.
  • You can give promo codes to multiple people.
  • Anyone can use at most one promo code for each course.

Some quick maths:

  • If you refer 1 guy, you will get 200 BDT.
  • If you refer 10 people, then you will get 2000 BDT.
  • If you refer 5 million people, then you will become a billionaire!