The Center of Everything

I am so much into myself. It’s like the earth is rotating around me and I am the center of everything.

In a group photo that I took during my last hangout with my friends, the decision on posting the photo on social media totally depended on how I looked in that photo.

I like anime, so people who don’t watch it might have bad taste.

I don’t like anime, so people who watch it might be just kids.

When I walk around the street, people must be thinking about me. That girl around the corner just smiled, must be because of me.

People congratulated me on my success, they must be thinking about me the whole day.

I am wearing a Rolex watch, people must be noticing me on the street. I am wearing a torn T-shirt, people must be noticing that too.

In an argument, I am talking too much as if the other person doesn’t know shit, I must be knowing everything.

I am a Muslim, so I must be right. People are foolish that they are not thinking enough, so they are choosing the wrong religion or being an atheist.

I am a Hindu, so I must be right. People are foolish that they are not choosing the right religion.

I am an atheist, so everyone must be ignorant and not thinking enough.

It’s like I am the definition of being correct, I am the one everything is revolving around, and I am the one who people talk about at the party.

But the problem is I am not everyone. Everyone is thinking of themselves as the center but the problem is there can’t be these many centers!

Maybe I should not think as if I am the only one, I am just a part of the whole gang of ones. I am just a tiny part of this massive universe.

Maybe people had been thinking about themselves instead of me at that party. Maybe the other person knew better than me in that argument.

Maybe I am not right all the time. Maybe I should not force my taste about anything upon others.

Maybe I should just acknowledge and respect that there are tons of samples like me who also landed on this planet to visit and have a look around.