Life is Weird

Life is weird.

You create connections knowing that one day they will leave you because there is no other way. And that day comes. You accept. There is no other way.

You cry because you are sick and in consequence you can’t even eat or can’t go to Tanguar Haor with your friends but there are people who are hungry for days and can’t afford food because destiny made them poor. So who will cry for them? Life is weird.

You are depressed because your father died one month ago and now you constantly think about death. But few months back your life was pretty normal. But now life is… just… plain… weird.

You see sadness. You see hunger. You see people crying for oxygen. You see people crying for water. You see your daughter dying in a fire because some random dude didn’t want her to come out of a factory in Rupganj. What do you do? Did God even see this? Is He watching you cry?

There are hundreds of people dying everyday because of corona, hundreds of new fatherless sons, childless fathers, friendless friends, loveless lovers. They are crying. You are crying. You cry for them. You cry for yourself. You don’t wanna accept your fate. But there is no other way. You are trapped in this shithole. So you accept.

Life is weird.