Life is Unfair

You are certain that this is the time. This is the round that will be referred to as “yours.” You’ve worked really hard for this. For this very time. You couldn’t sleep the night before since your convoluted brain was continually tormenting you about the possible outcomes of your work. You are trembling with excitement as you examine the outcome. Yes, the same thing happened once again. You lost. You lost again. Your cerebrum began to taunt you again. You are thinking that people who worked lesser than you did better than you. You are thinking about the unfairness of life. Is life really unfair?


You began to ponder. You took a glance outdoors to see what was going on.

Someone’s father worked his ass off to raise his children, and when they were ready to gift him a decent life, he died.

Himanshu Roy, an IPS officer, spent his whole career serving mankind by solving complex cases, yet he subsequently committed suicide. Why? Because he had been battling blood cancer for a long time and had little hope of living any longer.

Your friend lives a lavish life since his father is rich, but you can’t even give a tour with your pals due to financial constraints.

There is this quote, “We live in a strange world where the poor walk miles to get food and the rich walk miles to digest food”.

There are tons of diseases out there, is there any disease that is fair?

So you were strolling across a field, thinking about every injustice that had ever happened to you. You have no hope to live. You don’t want to live since a lot of awful things have occurred to you, and you have no control over some of them.

You unexpectedly collided with a man, and you were going to lash out at him in rage. But it didn’t take you long to understand that the person is blind.

Then, you paused for a moment. What stroke you was that If there are two sides to a coin then why aren’t you looking at both sides.

What about life being unfair to you but in a good way?

You are born to caring parents, but what about the orphaned children?

You have food to eat, yet many have been going hungry for days.

You have loved ones to love and be loved by, yet some are heartbroken.

You have goals to strive toward, yet there are others who are unable to pursue their goals because they must provide for their families.

Wait, you are reading this post so I am guessing that you are not blind? What about people born with blindness?

So you began to realize that it’s not just negative things that have occurred to you. Furthermore, you are not the only one who is suffering.

The issue arises when you inquire as to why life is so unfair. Nature is not obligated to be fair to you. Nature is not bound to operate in accordance with your wishes. Nature is inherently unjust. Get out of the illusion that things should be fair. Some awful things have occurred to you, yet you cannot overlook the good. Life is grey. That’s just how life is.

It seems unlikely that everyone will be treated fairly. Life is a weird b*tch, but you can’t escape it. Accept it, embrace it and most importantly, live, my friend.