Don't Let Me Die


Sorry for writing to you right at this moment. I know you are busy right now. But I have to tell you about them because I believe that you can change everything.

When you are reading this message, they are right in front of me. They are coming towards me. I am afraid. Won’t you do something?

They told you that you have freedom of speech but when you say something right, they point out certain verses of their books and say, look, you can’t do that. But when one of them does a more heinous thing, they say that they are looking into this and they just netflix-and-chill because they are clearly solving the issue!

They are the pretenders.

They included all the good verses in the books and told you to learn how to be a human but they forgot that they had transformed into another species a long ago.

They are dancing with “Levitating” because they are levitating over your weakness and you are not gonna say anything because they have their sugarboos to control you.

They are now afraid because your friends have just woken up and they can’t see anything because they are blinded by the lights of your friend’s souls. But their sugarboos are coming towards your friends. To switch off the lights. Aren’t you gonna do anything?

They are them because of you. They won’t stop until you wake up.

When are you gonna call me? After your friends are dead?

I am waiting. To hear from you.

Your dead friend who was killed by them.
I hope this time you can change the course of time. Don’t let me die, friend. I have lots of things to tell you.
I know you are reading this message. They are right in front of me. They are coming towards me. I am afraid. Won’t you do something? Friend?

Author Note: This post was written at the time when the administration at SUST was doing injustice to the students, they brutally assaulted some of the students using their sugarboos(police). This writing was to inspire people to stand against injustice.

Spoiler: Administration did injustice to the students by beating them illegally. So some of the students did a procession against the administration and one of them died and it happened because enough people didn’t stand against the administration. So after his death, he wrote a letter to one of his friends who didn’t stand against injustice. He told her to change the timeline this time and thus, to save her friend.