The First IMO Shortlisted Problem from Bangladesh

It’s an honor for me share that my problem got shortlisted for International Math Olympiad 2021 and now the problem is public.

This is the first time ever that a problem from Bangladesh got shortlisted in this prestigious event.

There were 175 problem proposals from 51 different countries and 32 problems got shortlisted.

I would like to thank my friend Anton Trygub from Ukraine for tremendous help with the proof of the solution to the problem. I came up with the problem while preparing my Codeforces round which Anton was coordinating and he suggested sending it to IMO instead. So I contacted Mahbub Majumdar sir, the IMO team leader of Bangladesh, and he sent it to IMO. Also, thanks to Jubayer Nirjhor for testing the problem.

Lastly, I would like to thank Munir Hasan sir and others for always encouraging everyone to participate in Math Olympiads. I also regret myself not doing Math Olympiads in my school days as I didn’t even hear about it back then even me being a decent math enthusiast. I think we should encourage students to participate in Math Olympiads as this will literally improve their problem-solving ability which will help them create wonders in the future(literally).

You can find the problem and solution here(my problem is A3): and also some discussions here: