A Dream I had Last Night

Do you know what I have dreamt of last night?

I saw a dazzling star. I saw it coming towards me. It was so shiny, I bet it could have taken away the whole darkness from my blatant mind.

I saw a radiant sky. The moon was so slutty that it bestowed all its elegance upon the sea. I saw the sky mingling with the tranquil sea.

I saw Coldplay. I saw them playing ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ under a sky full of stars besides that celestial ocean. Oh dear, I felt all the chills in the world.

Then I saw YOU. I saw you approaching me. You ran all the way to hug me. You hugged me. We danced. We danced looking at each others eyes. We danced till I could dream.

Don’t you know? Don’t you know that it was all about you? Don’t you know that you are my dazzling star? My tranquility?

Don’t you know that you are my Coldplay? Don’t you? Don’t you?

Remember, how much I told you to take me somewhere nice, somewhere far from this mad world?

Take me, take me, take all of me.