A Letter to Someone: Don't Let Her Go

To, Shohag

What a day, baby!

I used to like someone. The only person I cared about the most. The highlight of my life. I am pretty sure I have spent more than half of my solid living hours with that person.

Her thoughts were like a puzzle, always begging to be solved. Her voice was like a whispered secret, enchanting and alluring. And her smile. Oh, her smile. It was like a beacon in the darkness, guiding me home. I was drawn to her, powerless to resist. Her smile used to sound like god himself trying to compose the most incredible melody that He could ever make.

I used to be sad. I used to cry. But then God sent her to me and I know exactly why. My life used to be crappy. But He knew how to make me happy.

God succeeded. I. Became. Happy.

And oh my god, that happiness thingy was always there. How tf just the presence of someone can make someone happy? Why tf she didn’t even have to try to make me happy? What a mystery, baby! But a mystery that I was more than willing to solve.

It’s been 46 years! She was always there. We cried together. We laughed together. We flew together. When she tried to hide, I prayed to-get-her. What a chemistry, baby!

Hey man, I know things have been rough for you and her in the past couple of days. Every couple on this damn earth faces this. I know you are thinking of letting her go. But trust me. Hold on to her. A little bit longer. Things will work out.

And today was her birthday. Happy Birthday to her! She is the cherry on top of my life and the only person I have ever cared about. The only love of my life.

What a life, baby!

Love, Shohag 5 Jan 2069 P.S. Don’t let her go