Code Library

Hey everyone, I am sharing my personal code library where I compiled almost all the important templates that you will need in CP (saying almost just for courtesy). Most of the codes are originally written by me and some of them are collected from others but modified in a cleaner way.


It took me around 4 years to complete the list. Maybe each line is just a line to you but to me it tells a story of the excitements I had while learning those stuffs, the sleepless but fun nights I had to seek knowledge.

Why am I sharing this library?
  • Just so that your learning path becomes a bit smoother.
  • Knowledge hidden inside my head or codes in a private code-library will be useless when I am dead, so it’s better to share those among people before I die.

Also, you can make me happy(as in to pay me) just by upvoting this blog and giving a star to the repository.

I believe that my coding style is pretty clean and readable, and furthermore, a few problem links are attached to most of the codes so that you can practice those problems.

Best wishes, my friend blobheart.