Bangladesh CP Server

Introducing you to the biggest discord CP community server of Bangladesh. It now has 4000+ CPers and it is ever-growing. Server Link:

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About the server:

  • You can ask for help and help others.
  • We have awesome paid Competitive Programmers who will help you with your problems. You don’t have to pay. We are paying on behalf of yourself because you deserve this.
  • You can earn bytecoins (currency of BCS) just by helping others. If you help others they can/should give you 5 bytecoins. If they forget to do that then you will be sad, right? Don’t worry, we have mods who will give you your deserved bytecoins if you don’t receive them in time.
  • You can withdraw your bytecoins in real life via bKash or Rocket! Currently 1 bytecoin = 1 BDT. The value will surely increase in near future.
  • Play CP related games e.g lockout matches, duels etc.
  • Share resources, cool problems, memes etc.
  • Participate in collaborative contests and get bytecoins by winning the contest.
  • Participate in Solo Speed Contest which happens twice a week and get bytecoins by winning the contests.
  • Get reminders for future contests.
  • Earn bytecoins by securing the top 3 positions in every Codeforces Contest.
  • Earn bytecoins by getting maximum rating increase in each Codeforces Contest.
  • Receive bytecoins on your birthday.
  • Promote your stuff by giving money to our non-profit BCS Fund.
  • Donate to BCS Fund.
  • Listen to music with your favourite programmers.